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Who Are We?

At Lentil Garden our journey started in spring of 2006 to serve communities around Portland, OR metro area with authentic Indian cuisine, freshly made with fine quality ingredients from local suppliers and spices & grains imported directly from India.

After running a health food restaurant for 10 years, we saw an opportunity to impact their customers outside of our shop. As nutritionists, we developed base plans for nutrition and lifestyle that could be easily customized to fit the needs of the individual.

Behind the Name

Lentils are one of the world’s healthiest foods. As a fan of Indian cuisine, it was an essential ingredient in almost all of our signature dishes. We advocate for a healthy lifestyle and the name was easily transferable.

Our Diet

Our diet is not your “ordinary” weight-loss routine. It is a foolproof, proven, science-based system that is guaranteed to shed that unwanted body fat in as little as 14 Days. Irregardless of how hard you’ve tried before!

What really sets us apart from other dieting plans is our customization. Instead of giving each person the same routine, we cater to the individual. You’ll be required to take a short survey assessment that will allow us to better serve your needs.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our recent testimonials from real clients, professionals, and organizations.
  • Using Lentil Garden’s health plan, I reached the top level in high school swimming! The importance of nutrition is underrated in sports and I’m living proof. Not only did I experience a boost in energy, I recovered faster.


    Collegiate swimmer

  • Weight loss is one of the only proven cures for sleep apnea. And a healthy diet and lifestyle is the fastest way to get on track. Our users have seen the best results with a customized plan by Lentil Garden.

    CPAP Guide

    Professional resource for CPAP & sleep apnea health

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